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#TBT: These Photos Prove Ja Rule's Family Ties Will Never Be Broken

Before the premiere of the rapper's new reality show, catch up on all the memories his brood has shared.

When Ja Rule's not on stage spitting rhymes with Jennifer Lopez or Ashanti, there's a softer side to Mr. Atkins -- his family life.

The patriarch of the new MTV docu-series "Follow the Rules" (premiering October 26) has three kids with his wife Aisha: college sophomore Brittney, teenager Jeffrey Jr., and youngest Jordan. That's not everyone under the roof, though -- the rambunctious fam also lives with Ja and Aisha's mothers. With four adults and three kids, there's a lot of "Rules" to follow.

Like any American household, the "Mesmerize"-ing family is a handful for Dad to keep in line (sometimes they aren't "Always on Time" ...okay, bad joke), but along the way, he and his bunch have taken time to capture their most heartwarming memories as they happen. Check out our roundup of the best moments the crew has shared with us so far:

  1. Cozy or squished?
  2. Gah, this is too cute to even understand
  3. Must have been a crazy flight since he had to leave so quickly
  4. The main man with his crew
  5. We're guessing this dress doesn't fit anymore
  6. Can't wait for you guys to make us laugh too
  7. The three musketeers are about to get soaked
  8. The camera loves you, Brittney
  9. Look at these two brightening up a gray day
  10. He was so little once upon a time!
  11. Oh my god, relationship GOALS
  12. Check out these explorers on an adventure
  13. Who needs a hat when you have a shirt?
  14. Poolside with Grandma, living the life
  15. Married since 2001 and looking better than ever
  16. Graduation day brings the whole group together
  17. Two peas in a pod
  18. They each look like a different emoji here
  19. #SlopeSquad
  20. A lion and his pride (and joy)

Let us know your favorite memory with your family in the comments section -- and check out the trailer below for "Follow the Rules," which premieres Monday, October 26 at 10/9c: