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Charli XCX Takes Us Behind-The-Scenes On Her Very ’90s Campaign Shoot

Cher Horowitz would be proud.

Fashion trends from the '90s are back in full swing, and no one gets that quite like Charli XCX. Whether it's in her music videos, personal style, or her upcoming clothing line with Boohoo, Charli loves looking back on the decade to get inspiration.

MTV UK was on set with Charli as she shot her campaign for the line, getting a sneak peek of the clothes and accessories and talking to her about the design process.

"When it came to designing the collection, it was a lot of '90s movies that were inspiring me," she said. "And really bold, and in some cases, poppy characters."

As you could expect from a collection modeled off of the decade's iconic styles, the line features a lot of plaid, denim, spaghetti straps, and faux fur. When asked to describe it in just three words, Charli sums it up perfectly: "Sassy, sexy, nineties."