Miley Cyrus Has Holiday Spirit In This First Look From Bill Murray's Christmas Special

Tis the season to be Miley.

What's the number one thing every little boy, girl, and everything in between put on their list whether they were naughty or nice this year? A little extra Miley Cyrus to go with their egg nog and Christmas carols, of course!

True, Christmas probably feels pretty far away to those of us who are still shopping for Halloween costumes right now, but former Scrooge himself Bill Murray is officially here to remind us that the holidays -- and particularly his Netflix special, "A Very Murray Christmas" -- are always just around the corner. Netflix released the trailer and some first look images from the NYC-centric show on Wednesday (October 14), giving us our first sneak peek at Miley's portion of the holiday jamboree:

So festive, emIright? The show is set to premiere on the 'Flix on December 4, and will feature George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and more as Murray does his best to gather his celebrity friends to celebrate Christmas at New York's Hotel Carlyle. Sofia Coppola co-wrote and directed the special with Murray by her side, so obviously, the world is counting on this one being awesome.


Murray, for his part, told MTV News back at San Diego Comic-Con that Miley "murdered" "Silent Night" after learning the song in only one hour -- which is a good sign, because we know that Murray is wont to tell the truth when it comes to festive holiday specials: