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50 Cent Is Trolling Anyone That Thinks He's Broke

In classic 50 fashion.

When news broke over the summer that 50 Cent had declared bankruptcy, the mockery came quickly.

The jokes were easy to come up with: This was, after all, the same guy who sold well over 10 million copies of his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'; ran G-Unit Records, a successful label; and made plenty off of his successful business ventures, including $100 million in a deal with Vitamin Water.

Just last week, longtime rival Rick Ross jabbed at Fif, saying, "Get rich or die tryin’ and now you bankrupt."

But 50 doesn't seem too bent out of shape about what Ricky -- or anyone else, for that matter -- has said or thinks.

Early Wednesday morning (Oct. 14), he uploaded a few Instagram posts that gave us 50 as we've seen him so often in the past: Trolling haters and swimming in cash. Seriously.

In the next post, thankfully, he was able to see his legs. "Ok I found my legs, but I can't find nothing to watch on TV," he wrote. "Power season 3 on the way."

He wasn't done, though (not that there's any expectation he'll ever stop).

"Man this lunch money, I gotta go to work I'm still up, no Sleep at all," he captioned another pic, which spelled out "Broke" in wads of cash on the floor. "NEW MUSIC this week, Off The KANAN tape."

Last week, we found out that 50 is suing his former lawyers for $75 million, alleging that they mishandled a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, which ended with the rapper having to pay almost $20 million. Reports have indicated that he pointed to that loss as one of the reasons for his bankruptcy filing.

If there's anything we learned this morning -- besides that 50 has enough $100 bills to cover his legs and spell words -- it that he's still the ultimate troll.