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Who is Zoom? 7 Theories About the Identity of 'The Flash' Supervillain

Someone REALLY wants Barry Allen dead.

"The Flash" likes to play its big bads on the slow burn. At least last season, we viewers got clues about Harrison Well's machinations even if Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) didn't. This season, not so much.

The mysterious Zoom, the speedster from Earth-Two, continues to cause trouble for Team Flash this week. And not even Jay Garrick — aka Earth-Two's own Flash — has a clue about his identity. Of course that's not going to keep us from speculating...

Who could Zoom be? Here are our top theories...

  1. Earth-2's Barry Allen

    Dr. Stein seems to think Earth-2's version of Barry Allen is an electrician, but we have our doubts. (Barry Allen is too high-strung to be an electrician — in ALL verses.) So far this season, Barry has consistently been his own worst enemy — doubting himself and his friends in the face of grave danger. Will Earth-2's Barry Allen represent the worst possible version of Barry Allen? A man who wishes to isolate himself so desperately that he will travel to parallel worlds to kill his own doppelgangers?

  2. Eddie Thawne
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    You better believe we've been waiting for Eddie to come back ever since his body was pulled into the singularity in the season 1 finale. Sure, he was dead, but that's just a tiny detail! In the comics, Zoom is a fan of Barry Allen before turning into one of his greatest enemies. Will Eddie undergo the same transition? Who knows what that singularity is capable of...

  3. Eobard Thawne
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    In the comics, Zoom is Eobard Thawne, so it seems silly to discount him as a suspect — even if he technically, you know, died at the end of season 1. Nothing is ever for-keeps in the Flarrow universe, and we don't know anyone who hates Barry as much as Thawne. Dude traveled through time to kill Child Barry. He wouldn't let a little thing like never being born stop him.

  4. Earth-2's Harrison Wells

    We got a glimpse at this dude in the final moments of last night's episode, but couldn't really tell what his deal is. Sure, he seems like a nice enough guy — but so did Fake Harrison Wells Eobard Thawne. Is Earth-2's Harrison Wells trying to take out The Flash for some reason? He certainly has the resources in the celebrated S.T.A.R. Labs of his world. And Tom Cavanagh plays villain so well.

  5. Earth-2's Henry Allen

    This would be trippy on so many levels given that John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen) played The Flash in the '90s "Flash" TV series. Is "The Flash" meta enough to try to pull this off? It would certainly give Shipp something more to do — and potentially explain why Earth-1's Henry Allen peaced out before the smoke had even cleared from his welcome home party cake.

  6. Jay Garrick

    It would be a little redundant if "The Flash" pulled the old Your Trusted Mentor Is Really Your Enemy move two seasons in a row, but we have to admit: we probably wouldn't see it coming. Despite making this list. Sure, Barry is right when he tells his friends that Jay could be lying about everything, but it would also be pretty blasphemous to make Jay Garrick, The Flash of the Golden Age of Comics, a supervillain. Surprising, tho. Just saying.

    Maybe Jay can't get his speedster powers back unless he kills Barry? Maybe he just doesn't like his face. There could be millions of reasons. The facts remain: Jay spent six months stalking Team Flash before coming up to them. Team Flash can only take him at his word. And he is a charming super scientist capable of outsmarting all of them.

  7. Patty Spivot

    Yeah, this seems pretty unlikeable given the comic book origins of this character, but, so far, Patty is a total badass. And how cool would it be to have a female supervillian on "The Flash"? The answer: very cool. Taking into account the timing of Patty's arrival and her interest in metahumans, and the possibility isn't completely out of the question. #PattyForSupervillain