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Amy Schumer Says Being JLaw's BFF Has One Major Downside

Amy's friendship with Jennifer is great and all, but...

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer may be #GirlSquad goals incarnate and/or double-handedly making all of our pretend BFF dreams come true from a distance, but it's not all sunshine and fart jokes, apparently.

According to Amy, there's actually one pretty serious pitfall to being the "Mockingjay - Part 2" star's newest bestie: a relentless series of hits to your self-confidence because, let's face it, she's just unfairly beauteous.

After tearing it up as host of "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, Amy performed at the final stop on Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy Festival tour in Irvine, Calif., on Sunday (Oct. 11). There, she admitted her friendship with Jen has caused her to second-guess her sense of self.

"I know you guys look at me and you’re like, ‘You’re a comedian, you’re a model.’ I seriously am always like, ‘Am I f--king gorgeous?’" she quipped to the crowd, per ET Online. "And then I became friends with Jennifer Lawrence and I was like, ‘Nope!’

"I’m a monster," she continued. "I just feel like I’m in the movie 'Twins' and I’m Danny DeVito when I’m with her." Whoa with the harsh, Amy!

In reality, this is all probably 100% fiction because there can be exactly zero downfalls to being best pals with Jen. Amy probably just wants to make us all feel better about the fact that she and our No. 1 girl crush spent the summer doing human pyramids and jet-skiing together at Martha's Vineyard before dancing on pianos together and giving each other roomfuls of balloons.

Or MAYBE that was a subtle hint at what their joint screenplay is going to be inspired by... because we'd be totally down to watch Jennifer impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Twins" like, yesterday.