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'The Flash': The Multiverse is Real — And So Is Iris' Mom

Double the worlds, double the jaw-dropping twists.

If last week's "The Flash" season 2 premiere was all about wrapping up the storylines from last season, "The Flash of Two Worlds" was about embarking on a new chapter of this story: the Multiverse arc.

Sure, Tuesday night's (Oct. 13) episode may have been an "ordinary" episode of "The Flash" in many ways. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash faced off against a metahuman. Cisco made some quips. A member of the West family gave Barry a motivational speech inspiring him to find the right path.

But "The Flash of Two Worlds" was so much more than that. It opened up a universe (or shall we say universes?) of storytelling possibilities, while properly introducing two charming new characters and ending the hour with some crazy plot twists we definitely didn't see coming.

Here are the biggest moments from "The Flash of Two Worlds."

  1. The Multiverse is real, folks.
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    Not only is the Multiverse real, but it is causing some serious problems for the Earth our Barry Allen likes to call home — or, as it shall heretofore be referred to: Earth-1. When Wells created the singularity last season, he opened up a bridge to Earth-2. Team Flash managed to close the singularity, but there are still breaches between the two worlds -- breaches that Earth-2's big bad, Zoom, has taken advantage of. He's been bringing metahuman through and siccing them on Barry with the promise that, if they kill him, he'll send them home.

    Why does Zoom want to kill Barry? It's unclear, but this seems like a good time to make a "Zenon" reference. (Although, really, when isn't it a good time to make a "Zenon" reference?)

  2. Welcome, Jay Garrick.
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    Zoom and his minions aren't the only metahumans to come through the breach. Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), an alternate version of The Flash from Earth-2, also made the jump. He and Zoom were pulled through just as Zoom was able to defeat him in battle. (So I guess someone benefitted from that stupid singularity, huh?)

    Barry spends most of the episode giving Jay the cold shoulder — even though, being both a scientist and a hunk, Jay totally fits in with the S.T.A.R. Labs crew. Iris, Queen of Emotional Intelligence, soon drops some truth on Barry: He won't let Jay help Team Flash because Jay reminds him of Harrison Wells. Iris warns Barry that, if he stops trusting his team, they'll stop trusting him. (Hey, remember when Iris wasn't in on Barry's secret? It was a dark and foolish time.)

  3. Patty Spivot is the best.

    Guys, I think I'm in love with Patty Spivot (Shantal VanSanten). She's driven, funny, and is obviously a big fan of the West-Allen family (which I consider the ultimate sign of good character). In between proving to Joe that she's perfect for the anti-metahuman task force, she manages to nerd out about Barry's forensic science work. When she's kidnapped by Sand Demon, she barely misses a beat, critiquing Sand Demon's view of the world while tied to a chair.

    "I may not have powers, but I want to stop [metahumans]. You're the only other person I know who wants to do that too," Patty tells Joe in the final act of the episode, convincing him that she should be part of his task force (though can we really call it a "force" if there are just two of them?). This episode may have been promoted as the first proper introduction of Jay Garrick — and, sure, he was great — but for me, it was Patty who stole the show.

  4. Cisco has another Vibe attack.
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    Cisco is seriously freaking out about his newfound powers to perceive things he shouldn't be able to. In this episode, he uses his proto-Vibe moves to figure out where Patty is being kept and warn Barry of the concussive bomb Sand Demon is building. When Dr. Stein confronts him about it, Cisco confides in the good doctor but begs him not to tell anyone else. The way Cisco sees it: Dr. Wells gave him this power, and nothing Dr. Wells did was good.

    It would be kind of funny that Cisco thinks he's slowly turning into a supervillain even though he's so adorably good, if not for the fact that anything can happen on this show. Plus, it just feels wrong to see Cisco with a frown on his face, you know?

  5. Two Flashes for the price of one.

    Using the information Cisco vibe-quires, Barry and Jay team up to take Sand Demon down. Jay uses his familiar guise as The Flash from Sand Demon's Earth to distract while Barry saves Patty. Then, Barry straight-up throws a bolt of lightning — or, as Cisco calls it, "pulls a Zeus" — to take Sand Demon out. Because throwing bolts of lightning is something Barry does now.

    It's pretty cool to see these two working together (and to see that shot that mirrors the 1962 comic book, also called "The Flash of Two Worlds," which first had these two working together). I'm not sure if I'm digging the "Barry gets another mentor" storyline, but Jay represents a whole universe of possibilities, and that's hard to turn one's nose up at.

  6. Jay and Caitlin totally have a moment.

    Watch out, #Snowbarry shippers, these two totally had a moment when they bonded over having lost a part of themselves. For Caitlin, it's Ronnie. For Jay, it's his speedster abilities, which have been stripped from him in this world. "Just because it's a different life doesn't mean it's a worse one," Caitlin comforts Jay. Man, so far I am loving season 2 Caitlin. Who's with me?

  7. Iris' mother is back.
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    Holy moly! Iris' mother is back. She totally corners Joe in the Central City P.D., and he could not be more shocked. Where has this woman been? What does she want now? And how will this affect the West-Allen family? I can't wait to find out. #Drama.

  8. Dr. Stein collapses!
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    Yikes! Dr. Stein went down in the final minutes of tonight's episode. Of course, we know he has to be OK because Stein will be starring on "Legends of Tomorrow" -- but that doesn't mean we can't worry! This man has really integrated himself into the Flash family. They need him and his adorable toasts! Cisco needs his confidant! We need Victor Garber to draw diagrams that explain the Multiverse to us!

  9. Dr. Wells is a hero in an alternate world.
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    Whoa. The episode ends with a sneak peek into an alternate world — presumably Earth-2, but there's no way to know for sure. In this world, S.T.A.R. Labs is up and running, and it's the kind of establishment that kids go on field trips to (and actually look excited about). But, perhaps most pressing, this is a world where Dr. Wells is celebrated as the savior of Central City. We even get a glimpse at the walking, grinning Ed The Bowling Alley Lawyer face we all know and love.

    Is this Dr. Wells actually good or is he fooling everyone? Which world does he exist in? And will we ever get to see him in Earth-1? I have a feeling I know the answer to that last question, but the rest are up for grabs. In the mean time, we'll have to make do with the snippets of Alternate Wells when we can get them.

Still don't understand the Multiverse after tonight's ep? (In the immortal worlds of Joe West: "I'm gonna be honest here. I don't understand what the hell any of you are talking about.") DC Entertainment was kind enough to release this handy history/explanation of the DC Multiverse earlier this week...