16 Times Demi Lovato Showed Us The True Meaning Of Confidence

There is NOTHING wrong with being confident.

Demi Lovato has proved that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident.

The pop star has been showing us the true meaning of the word throughout the course of this year with her no make-up mondays, her body loving Vanity Fair shoot and her upcoming album, which is appropriately titled, Confident.

So to celebrate Demi's positive and highly contagious outlook, we've rounded up her 16 most confident moments.

  1. When She Made A Song About It
  2. When She Does Away With Photoshop
  3. When She Owned That Whole Mug Thing
  4. When She Embraces 'No Makeup Mondays'
  5. When She Flaunts Her Curves
  6. When She Handled This Embarrassing Moment Like A Boss
  7. When She Doles Out Amazing Advice
  8. When She Takes Bathing Suit Selfies
  9. When She's Not Afraid To Let Her Voice Be Heard
  10. When She Makes People Check Themselves
  11. When She Pulls From Her Own Life Experience And Makes It Yours
  12. When She Ordered Newsstands To Stop Censoring Her Cosmo Cover
  13. When She Admitted That She Loves The Skin She's In
  14. When She Danced Around Naked
  15. When She Declared That Strong Is Sexy
  16. When She Survived The Tough Parts Of Life