There's A New Will Ferrell-Themed Bar To Help You Stay Classy

'It's beautiful!'

If you're ready to expand your Will Ferrell iconography-based drink collection to something beyond the usual order -- "scotchy scotch scotch," of course -- you're in luck. Because there's a new Big Apple bar dedicated exclusively to Ferrell's filmography, and the cocktail list is chock full of your favorite references.

Among the offerings at Stay Classy New York, a bar that opened this month in New York City's Lower East Side, are "Did We Just Become Best Friends," basically a two-part house shot meant to share with your newest bunk bed pal, the commemorative "You're My Boy Blue!" for the "Old School" pledges in the crowd, and "Mugatu Mule," which'll put some curly white-blonde hair on your chest (not really).

Zach Neil, one of the bar's owners, told People that he and his business partner are mega fans of Ferrell's movies and wanted to "create this landscape of ridiculous things and theme it accordingly." And thus the bar was created.

Drawing from their favorite scenes and quotes was just part of the plan. The pair also commissioned artists to create character-themed portraits, including this "Zealander"-inspired Mugatu canvas, to create "an entire proper art gallery" completely dedicated to the comedian.

Yep. We just became best friends with this place.