Here’s Everything We Know About One Direction’s Made In The A.M. Tracklist

From 'Hey Angel' to 'A.M.,' here's what 1D has told us.

One Direction had a busy weekend, Snapchatting the tracklist of their brand-freaking-new album, Made In The A.M. (due out Nov. 13) with crazy clips like this:

From that barrage of seconds-long videos, we were able to cobble together the complete listing of Made In The A.M.'s songs, which we've assembled below. But there's more where that came from.

Like, what do we really know about each of these songs? Are there clues in the reveals we saw on Snapchat?

  1. "Hey Angel"

    Harry tweeted out what might be lyrics to this song last week. We can just hear the melody now...

  2. "Drag Me Down"

    The album's first official single that premiered back in July.

  3. "Perfect"

    The confirmed second single, slated to drop on Friday (Oct. 16), is "an emotionally charged ironic love song." Oh baby.

  4. "Infinity"

    A track made available to those who pre-ordered the album, "Infinity" is a big, swelling rush of teardrops.

  5. “End Of The Day”

    This one is "End Of The Day," people -- not "At The End Of The Day." There's a difference.

  6. "If I Could Fly"

    Did 1D snag a song title from this fan's one message of hope and longing? Probably not, no. But who can know for sure?

  7. "Long Way Down"

    This could either be a cover of a 1995 Goo Goo Dolls song or a cover of a 2010 Keyshia Cole song or a 2004 Robert DeLong song -- or an entirely original new composition. My bet's on the latter.

  8. "Never Enough"

    Niall's favorite song "by a mile." Maybe he rips a killer guitar solo midway through it? #NeverEnough!

  9. "Olivia"

    Guys. Remember Harry giving "Me And Earl And The Dying Girl" star Olivia Cooke a piggyback ride in the group's "Autumn Term" tour video all those years ago? 1D does.

  10. "What A Feeling"

    Back in 2010, before this whole rocket ride blasted off, the five sang "Flashdance...What A Feeling" on "The X Factor" -- which means we're talking about the Zayn days here. This new "What A Feeling" is probably not this song. But hey, it could be.

  11. "Love You, Goodbye"

    Is it just me or does this one sound exceptionally Beatles-esque? Also exceptionally heartbreaking?

  12. "I Want To Write You A Song"

    Ah yes. The one we all wish was written about us.

  13. "History"

    Could it really be about 1D's large-scale video shoot at NASA for the "Drag Me Down" video?!

  14. "Temporary Fix"

    The way we all feel, TBH.

  15. "Walking In The Wind"

    Probably about Harry's hair. Or the way all four dudes will exit their last show for the foreseeable future before their hiatus starts. *sniff*

  16. "Wolves"

    Could be an ode to Liam's upbringing in Wolverhampton, England. Could also be an ode to the Kanye song with Vic Mensa and Sia. Could also just be three minutes of the boys howling.

  17. "A.M."

    The one that will, in theory, tie everything together (even if it's just a bonus track, as some are suggesting). The album is called Made In The A.M., OK? I think "A.M." will be of relative importance for this very reason.