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Selena Gomez Reveals Her Favorite Lyric Off Revival

It's more than just survival.

Selena Gomez loves talking about the lyrics on Reviva. On Friday's album release day, she broke down every track off the album, and on Monday (Oct. 12), she's revealing which lyric is her absolute fave.

The "Same Old Love" singer told Genius that the lyric that speaks to her the most is from the title track, and it perfectly sums up the whole theme of the record:

"My favorite line from the album would probably be from my song 'Revival,'" Gomez said. "It says, 'What I've learned is so vital/ More than just survival/ This is my revival.' I think, for me, it's basically describing everything in one sentence about, no matter what pain, or what the highest of highs are, I've learned so much from them and I don't regret anything in my life."

These words come right after Sel's "Today" show performance, where she echoed that statement --- even though she's the same person, she embraces all the decisions she made when she was younger, and she's still trying to be her best self.

"I don’t really regret anything,” she said. “I don’t have life figured out by all means, but I have a great family. My mom and my stepdad have raised me to be who I’ve always been. I feel like the same girl, just a little older.”

Last week, Gomez took time to discuss the tracks off her second solo album, and she explained why "Revival" is so crucial as the first song on the LP:

“'Revival’ is the first track on the album and one of the most important," she said. "Basically, it’s an introduction to what I’ve been spending the past two years technically experiencing, feeling, going through. It’s definitely one of the most important.”

Peruse the rest of the lyrics of "Revival":