Ariana Grande/ Instagram

Is Ariana Grande Wearing A White Wig In Her 'Focus' Single Art?

Fans are desperately trying to figure out her latest clue.

Ariana Grande has been taking her sweet time with "Focus," her upcoming single due out Oct. 30. She's been counting down on Twitter, revealing bits of lyrics on Instagram, having her brother sing a Broadway-infused version of it and now she's teasing the single art.

She gave fans a pixelated photo of the art, but she also gave us a hint on Snapchat to what the art might look like. After she revealed the blurry photo, many thought she might be naked.

"I'm not," Ari said on Snapchat, when her and dancer Brian Nicholson were talking about whether she forgot clothes during the photo shoot -- which may or may not have been taken by BFF Alfredo Flores.

"Go to Delina Way's Instagram for a clue," Ariana said.

So, when fans went to @DelinaWay's Instagram -- the account of hairstylist Dalina Rebollo -- and they found a white bobby pin.

What does this white bobby pin mean?

Some people thinks it has to do with Ari's fake hair:

Other's think it's about the color scheme:

Or maybe Ariana wore a white wig for the art:

Others think it's a character she's going for:

Most of us have no idea WTF is going on:

So, what do you think this latest bobby pin clue means? Tell us in the comments!