Jennifer Lawrence And Aziz Ansari Are The Two Best Friends That Anyone Could Have


Your friends are cool, but they're not Jennifer Lawrence-giving-Aziz Ansari-a-piggyback-ride cool. That's right. The Internet's favorite actress gave Tom Haverford a piggyback ride. And she did it in heels, because that's the kind of thing J Law can do.

After their pal Amy Schumer hosted "SNL" Saturday night, the pair hit up her (sure-to-be-hilarious) after party. And what's the best way to leave an after party? You guessed it. Piggyback.


But their friendship transcends parties and piggybacks. Lawrence and Ansari recently collaborated with Schumer and Ansari's "Parks And Recreation" costar Chris Pratt on a comedic short film. "Hi Guys" stars Ansari and Pratt. Lawrence directed and Schumer served as director of photography. See the film below: