12 Celeb Guest Stars You Completely Forgot Were On 'Zoey 101'

Pacific Coast Academy was home to several familiar faces.

If you claim to have never wanted to attend Pacific Coast Academy from "Zoey 101," then you're simply lying to yourself. PCA was a beachside boarding school, and seriously, who wouldn't want to study there? My high school was lucky to have a cafeteria AND an auditorium, instead of the dreaded "cafetorium," so I was definitely down for ditching Texas and hanging out on the West Coast.

Besides Jamie Lynn Spears and her pals, PCA housed several celebs over the years, but certain peeps stand out. How many of these famous folks do you remember?

  1. Nickelodeon

    The "Nerdist Podcast," "Talking Dead" and "@midnight" host played Garth Berman, a PCA alum-turned-Chairman of the Board. He helped out the kids with their fundraiser to get Drake Bell to play at their Spring Fling.

  2. Nickelodeon

    Half of the "Drake & Josh" duo guest-starred as himself on the same episode as Hardwick. Bell performed his song "Highway to Nowhere," while all of PCA sang and clapped along. If you're feeling extra nostalgic right now, you can watch this episode on TeenNick's website for free.

  3. Nickelodeon

    Another "D&J" star graced PCA with her presence. Cosgrove played Paige, a teenage genius whom Quinn viewed as her rival and serious competitor in the sciences. Looks like Megan Parker wasn't just an evil genius, but a genius genius, too.

  4. Nickelodeon

    Josh's girlfriend Mindy played Stacy, a girl who stole Zoey's creative backpack idea in a slick entrepreneurial maneuver. Of course, Zoey figured out how to one-up Stacy, and managed to steal back all of her business.

  5. Nickelodeon

    Before she was battling A on "Pretty Little Liars," Benson had a small guest-starring role as one of Quinn's unwilling science experiments. All she was trying to do was flirt with some guy, and then Quinn popped up, asking all kinds of detailed questions. Instant mood killer.

  6. Nickelodeon

    Mona Vanderwaal attended PCA (at least for one episode) and spent most of the time trying to figure out why Quinn looked so familiar. At the end, she realized she and Quinn did beauty pageants together as kids. Too cute!

  7. Nickelodeon

    Zeke Baylor from "High School Musical" ditched his crème brûlées for skateboards. He guest-starred on two episodes of "Zoey 101," and in one of them (pictured above) he mocks Dana's skateboarding flop. #Rude

  8. Nickelodeon

    The "iCarly" star played "bad girl" Trisha Kirby, dating Dustin much to Zoey's dismay. She eventually decided she and Chase were meant to be boyfriend/girlfriend, which prompted Dustin to attack Chase for "stealing [his] woman." And they say chivalry is dead.

  9. Nickelodeon

    The former DCOM star of "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off" and "Buffalo Dreams" had a one-time stint at PCA as a bully who helped harass Dustin.

  10. Nickelodeon

    The "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" actor played foreign exchange student Olivary "Ollie" Biallo, who was inadvertently paired up with Michael for the school dance. Remember, he was the dude who had "to go pray to the moon"? Oh, and he also ate corn on the cob vertically.

  11. Nickelodeon

    The "Parenthood" actor played Glen Davis, a boy who was matched up to be Zoey's partner at the school dance. (Yes, the same episode as Olivares.) Of course, Chase was also matched up with Zoey, so you see the issue here. It was clearly not a match made in Heaven, because Glen stole the answers to Zoey's personality test, so that was how he ended up matched with her. On the other hand, Chase tricked Zoey into revealing what she'd put down for her personality answers.

  12. Nickelodeon

    Yep, ol' "Back to the Future" bully Biff Tannen was PCA's stereotypical P.E. coach who sat on his butt, read comic books, ate junk food and yelled at kids to run more laps. So basically, Biff as a gym coach.