8 Hilarious Twin Pranks That Would Make Zack And Cody Proud

Having a twin definitely sounds like the suite life.

Most people have probably wondered at least once in their life what it would be like to have an identical twin. Think of all the possibilities. Famous twins such as Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Tia and Tamera Mowry and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen gave us plenty ideas growing up with all their various TV shows and movies. (Of course, the Olsen twins are actually fraternal twins, not identical, but details, details.)

Heck, the Sprouse twins changed places for their NYU graduation photos, because why wouldn't they. It's not like the school even noticed.

On Thursday, Reddit user mission17 asked identical twins of Reddit, "What's the craziest way [in] which you've abused your powers of mistaken identity?" Basically, what's the best switcheroo prank you've ever done? The answers did NOT disappoint.

Some of the responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

  1. Getting out of boring conversations

    Redditor thetanpecan admitted, "I've run into people (not close friends, just acquaintances) I haven't wanted to talk to and have pretended to be my identical twin to avoid annoying small talk: 'Oh, I'm sorry, you must think I am [my name]. We are twins, this happens a lot.'"

  2. Tricking people into believe they're actually triplets

    Reddit user city_of_lakes shared, "I had a friend who had an identical twin, and they both spent the first month of University (they went to the same school) convincing everybody that there was actually three of them and that they were triplets!! By the time they decided to come clean, nobody would believe them that there wasn't a third of them around somewhere. 'You can't trick me, I've hung out with Luke countless times!!'"

  3. Taking each other's tests

    OK, this one kind of backfired, but it's still hilarious.

    Redditor thurgood_peppersntch explained, "My twin brother got me a detention for his dress code violation and neglected to tell me, which resulted in me almost getting suspended. In return, I failed his French test."

  4. Getting that money

    According to greatmikeshark, his brother was able to get cash out of his personal account.

    "While in Iraq, I signed all my legal rights over to my brother... [which] give[s] him legal rights to my bank account. When my family was in financial trouble, I gave the OK for my brother to take money out of my account. The bank refused to honor the legal document and would not let my brother take money out. Next day he went to the same bank with my passport and took the money out of my account."

  5. Going on dates

    Reddit user ben_ea states, "My brother had me go on a date with a girl he met online, when he was away." And if you're wondering, ben_ea explains, "Two weeks later when he came back from [the] trip, he went on a date with her, [and] she didn't detect it. Later when we told her, she couldn't believe it."

  6. Winning bets

    Redditor ask_me_if_Im_lying shared lawebley's story.

    "My twin brother and I went to different colleges and didn't generally reveal to the friends we made that we each had a twin. One day, a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother's name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub. I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub so I said I'd bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a headstart. They agreed and ran off at top speed while I stood there casually checking my watch and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find 'me' standing at the bar, drink already in hand."

  7. Going to job interviews

    Easiest way to prepare for a job interview? Get your identical twin to do it for you. Apparently, this worked for nemanavida. "My brother went to a job interview pretending to be me. I (he) got the job, and I've been working there for just over a year now."

  8. Shocking air force soldiers

    This last one is a little long, but so worth it. Redditor enoughtoday recalls his grandfather's LOL-worthy WWII prank.

    "[My grandfather and his twin] are both active duty during World War II, and one is stationed in California, while the other is stationed somewhere at a U.S. base in the Pacific. My grandfather, Earl, was the guy who would put pilots in their cockpit and make sure it was sealed correctly before they took off. Mind you, these pilots are flying the fastest aircraft manufactured at the time, and nonetheless, my grandfather tells them right before they leave, "I'll see you when you get there" with a wink. His brother, with the same last name, imagine "Private Swenson" or whatever, was the guy who would undo the cockpit for the pilots after they landed in the Pacific, and he would say to them, 'Hey, you made it! I got here pretty fast, huh?,' producing the most astonished look of bewilderment and amazement one could muster."

Never forget your childhood was always a big, fat lie.

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