'The Tonight Show' Sprung A Pop Culture Quiz On New York Comic Con Attendees

He found the last remaining human who hasn't heard 'Uptown Funk.'

This weekend, thousands of proud geeks descended upon New York City for New York Comic Con, and “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but quiz them on their smarts.

No, he’s not out to make anyone prove their nerd cred. Fallon sent one of his writers, Arthur to NYCC to see how much attendees knew about mainstream pop culture.

It turns out most Comic Con participants know a lot about X-Men, but not a whole lot about Silento, Jay Z or the Kardashians. One cosplayer dressed as a wizard from the Harry Potter universe did his best to sing “Uptown Funk” based on the name of the song alone, while another confused “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” with Devo’s 1980 hit “Whip It."

There’s only so much knowledge you can store in one brain, and these NYCC fans don’t see any need to make room for the name of the third Kardashian sister. Watch Arthur stump them below.