'Shadowhunters' Cast Answer One Very Important Question: Where Is Church?

The Institute is missing a very important feline and we need to get to the bottom of it.

We can forgive a lot of things, "Shadowhunters." Hot Hodge? Who cares! Officer Luke? NBD. But neglecting Church, our favorite grumpy, immortal kitty, is just unacceptable. Who will Izzy cook for now?!

In Cassandra Clare's bestselling book series "The Mortal Instruments," Church is an ~integral~ member of the team. He's the bane of Jace's existence! The only one who knows where everyone is at all times! Not to mention, the only one who finds Izzy's cooking even remotely edible!

MTV News was on the set of the anticipated new series "Shadowhunters" this summer to get the scoop on the season's biggest mystery: where the eff is Church?

Dominic Sherwood, who plays Church's mortal enemy Jace on the upcoming TV series, said he doesn't really know if viewers will see Church napping around the Institute. "It was never really mentioned," he told MTV News. "I think we alluded to him a couple of times in the pilot, but he never came into fruition. Maybe that will change. We potentially have another 10 years to do this show, so maybe we'll get a tiny little kitten."

"They can be hard to work with," he added, sounding eerily similar to Jace. "I'm not a huge fan of cats, either, so maybe just keep it away from me. Or we could get a dog. We could change it and get a dog without Church. That's what I'm gunning for."

OK, so Sherwood wasn't too keen on Church, but there had to be someone in the cast who could fight for our furry friend, right? "It's hard to work with cats!" Matthew Daddario (Alec) said. "He's here... maybe he'll be on the show, or maybe we'll talk about him like he's here. But what are we going to do with him? Have him wander around?"

Ugh. Just because you guys are parabatai doesn't mean you have to agree with him, Daddario! If there's one person who loves Church as much as we do, it's our queen and savior Katherine McNamara. At least she understands how much this grumpy cat means to the TMI family.

"I can't speak to it much because there are some things coming and some things in the works that I'm not quite privy to, but we're definitely aware that Church is important -- and we're doing everything we can to make his presence known," McNamara (Clary) said.

"Dom doesn't like cats! He wants a dog," she added, noticing the similarities between Sherwood and his character. "I don't understand this, but I'm sure he can set his feelings aside and welcome Church into the 'Shadowhunters' family."

Oh, and for all of you Chairman Meow fans out there, Harry Shum, Jr. (Magnus Bane) told us, "Chairman Meow is going to be around." Hallelujah! At least one of the show's felines will get the respect he deserves. (We're looking at you, Dom.)

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