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Young Thug Has A Question For Lil Wayne About Their Feud

Thug opens up about Wayne yet again.

You know how everyone was talking about Young Thug and Lil Wayne's beef earlier this year? Well apparently, Thugger has been confused about it all along.

“I’m not just being lame or trying to do something smooth. I told the whole world you my idol, and whenever you stop I’m gonna keep going," Thug recently told The New York Times. "Both of us grew up the same thing, the same gang man — Y.M.C.M.B. Why should you ever in your life even feel like we against each other?"

For those keeping track, Thugger has denied the beef for some time now. "I understand that Lil Wayne is frustrated about his career, and I feel him on that,” he said in April. “But this is my idol. I will never in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing. This is a person I look up to."

Despite denials of a beef, feud talk heated up earlier that month when Thug announced plans to name his next album Carter 6. Since Weezy started the Carter series, it seemed like he wasn't too pleased with the idea. And although he ignored beef questions, he discouraged fans from supporting rappers who pose nude on their covers (something Thugger did).

There were even rumors that Thug was somehow involved in a shooting of Lil Wayne's tour bus, something Thugger recently denied with a "F--k no." He again shut down the rumors in the NYT feature, saying, "I got millions to get. I’m not running around shooting no damn bus."