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Here’s Everything We Learned During Selena Gomez’s Revival Listening Party

Plus, Sel answers fan questions. Lots of them.

Selena Gomez's revival has officially begun.

On Friday (Oct. 9), Selenators everywhere rejoiced as Sel released her brand-new album, Revival, then collectively gathered on Twitter for a #REVIVALListeningParty with Selena herself.

After carefully studying her lyrics, looking back at her transformation over the years (musically and stylistically) and just generally geeking out about the album itself, we're more than ready to dive head first into Revival.

And what better way than to let Sel break down each track individually? Here's what we learned during the #REVIVALListeningParty.

  1. "Revival"

    "'Revival' is the first track on the album and one of the most important. Basically, it's an introduction to what I've been spending the past two years technically experiencing, feeling, going through. It's definitely one of the most important."

  2. "Kill Em With Kindness"

    "Everybody needs to hear that. I know it's so much easier to be mean, maybe more fun sometimes. But being able to wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and know that you gave your best when people were coming at you at your worst -- you just have to kill 'em with kindness."

  3. "Hands To Myself"

    "I feel like I put my favorite songs in order, the first three or four at least. This is the last song I recorded on the album with [co-writers] Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, and has to be one of the best songs I've ever done in my whole career."

  4. "Same Old Love"

    "'Same Old Love' is a cycle that everybody goes through -- whether it's friendships, relationships... There's something that's embedded in you when you're a kid. You just learn how to love, given your circumstances, and maybe that's great, maybe it's complicated. But ultimately, it's just kind of a painful, cool pop song."

  5. "Sober"

    "'Sober' is kind of like my go-to for every single moment when you're in a social setting and you can just feel the presence of people feeling uncomfortable. I've experienced that. I've gone through it. I think everybody has those moments. But it's just a take on sometimes you just have to go through painful things without numbing the experience. It's very complicated, but it's also something that I think makes you stronger.

  6. "Good For You"

    'Good For You' is one of the first songs that we ever actually recorded the first week. That's when I fell in love with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels 'cause I love them very much. I felt like we kinda had this sound created just specifically for me. It's my baby. It's my No. 1."

  7. "Camouflage"

    "'Camouflage' is the only ballad on the entire album. I wanted to just do that on purpose because this was me pouring my heart into something. And it's just very honest and real, and it's just me and a piano."

  8. "Me & The Rhythm"

    "'Me & The Rhythm' is so fun. I remember feeling like it gives you that intoxicated feeling. You can't help but move, and the steel drums... I love steel drums. It just kinda happened. I just started writing, and we kinda went into this disco vibe thing."

  9. "Survivors"

    "'Survivors' is an anthem. I think in general, we're just surviving every day, in our circumstances, and I feel like that's kind of my message to all of us. Kind of bringing each other up instead of tearing each other down, 'cause we're all just surviving."

  10. "Body Heat"

    "'Body Heat' I recorded in Mexico with Hit-Boy. That was my moment where I got to escape. I also did 'Revival' in Mexico, but this kind of was full-on inspired by the culture, and I thought it was important for me to have a song on the album that represented that side of me."

  11. "Rise"

    "'Rise' is the perfect way for me to wrap up the album 'cause ultimately it's exactly what I've been forcing myself to do. It's so hard to pull yourself out of situations that you want to, and I think it's just a beautiful way to wrap up what I've gone through."

Along with talking about each song, Sel also answered several fan questions, such as...

What inspired the gospel vibes on "Rise"?

What's her favorite lyric on the album?

What's the tour going to be like?

What should Selenators always remember?

What qualities does she value in people the most?

What's the biggest regret of her career?

Naturally, Selena was super grateful to her fans.

And the fans were grateful, too.

Now, go forth and enjoy the Revival. Selena has revived us all. See the whole thing on Twitter's new Moments stream here.