Beacon Hills' Finest Are Returning: Here's Your First Look At The Upcoming 'Teen Wolf' Season

The wolf pack is finally back -- along with a few familiar faces.

Events in Beacon Hills are getting dire fast -- and if the very first look at the upcoming "Teen Wolf" installment is any indication, Scott McCall is gonna need all the help he can get. And luckily for the True Alpha, a major character is back to lend an important hand.

As evidenced in the newly released trailer -- which just dropped at the show's New York Comic Con panel ahead of its return on Tuesday, January 5 -- kick-ass hunter Chris Argent has returned (woot!) and is ready to lend the protagonist some backup in his battle against the Dread Doctors.

And speaking of those evil MDs, they're still as terrifying as ever -- so frightening that Lydia's Banshee abilities have been amplified against her will...just to get information about Theo's involvement with the awful Docs.

But that's not all: Sciles are still butting heads (warning: it's tough to watch), Sheriff Stilinksi is looking gravely ill (but our favorite law enforcement member CAN'T be sick!), Liam and Hayden are kissing (YAY) and Theo's newly formed pack is looking, well, packed.

Also, Mr. Argent isn't the only friendly face popping up in the supernatural-inhabited town. Find out who is returning in the jaw-dropping trailer, share your thoughts on the exhilarating tease in the comments and be sure to stay with MTV News for more "TW" updates!