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Finally, Kylie Jenner Is Doing Makeup Tutorials On Other People

When Kylie Jenner launched her app (and website!) in September, we had high expectations. We had been anticipating makeup tutorials for months—when we saw the app for the first time, sure, there were tutorials, but none with Kylie at the helm. Finally, almost a month after launch, Kylie has given us what we so desire, and well, it was worth the wait to see her in action, TBH.

Fortunately, she gave us not one, but two opportunities to do so.

In the first, she gives her assistant, Victoria, a makeover to look more like her. After applying moisturizer in a very bizarre way, she shares a few secrets—orange eye shadow makes colors pop, for example—before letting Victoria check out her new look for herself. Kylie is obviously pleased with her work, because she excitedly says, "You look like us!" The highest compliment, Victoria. Congrats.

In the second tutorial, Kylie makes over her tutor-turned-friend, Tiffany, to look like—surprise, surprise—her. There's tape involved, some farts from a dog, and a sneak peek at the Kylie Lip Kit, all within a three-minute video.

So, yeah, skeptics, Kylie is actually good at makeup, though her ~lookbook~ is limited. For now! There's always time to develop it.