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A Renegade ‘Jessie J’ Username Squatter Is Plaguing Snapchat

The Great Snapchat Username Adventure Of 2k15 has begun.

Pop stars, actors, web personalities and tons of other celebs are all about Snapchat, and why wouldn't they be? It's the only app that lets you puke rainbows (so far). Jessie J is trying to join in on the fun but is having a hard time locking down a username.

It seems some devilish squatter has already taken "Jessie J" on Snapchat.

The struggle is real, JJ says.

A megabrand like Dior wouldn't settle for a lame derivative take on their own name, so Jessie won't either.

Her main option, likely suggested by Snapchat, is rather unflattering.

And some fan suggestions aren't really suiting her, either.

But her best recourse? Probably just hitting up Snapchat directly. Maybe.

Or, the "Jessie J" username squatter can give it back to its rightful owner! But to be fair, that's a cool nickname. I'm sure a lot of other people have it. Maybe JJ can try her Insta name -- isthatjessiej -- instead?

Snapchat is complicated, man.