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People Are Running Wild Thinking Drake And Serena Are Engaged

...but let's not jump to any conclusions, people.

Let’s be clear here: no one knows for sure if Drake and Serena Williams are really engaged, but it's not looking very likely.

I guess he’s been to a few of her tennis matches (where they flirted and everything) and maybe they kissed during dinner recently, but we don’t even know if they’re dating or anything, really.

Despite all of that, OK Magazine is reporting that Drizzy got on one knee and popped the question in Toronto. If that's the case, then you have one of the most prominent musicians hitched to one of the most prominent athletes in the world. Yeah, that's a power couple.

So, of course, fans are going nutty with the news all over Twitter with all sorts of opinions ranging from annoyed Robert-Downey-Jr-eye-roll to exclamation-mark-heavy-excitement.

I mean, look:

But don't jump to conclusions, yet, Jumpman. Complex is reporting that this is all a false alarm. A source close to both camps has reportedly confirmed that the engagement news is "completely false."