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Meet The Couple That Runs A Pizza Yacht And Reconsider Your Life Choices

Well, this sounds like a slice of heaven.

For most of us, all it takes is one stressful commute or insanely boring work meeting to fantasize about what it would be like to leave everything behind and start a life on a beautiful tropical island. Married couple Sasha and Tara Bouis decided to actually live out their fantasy instead of just dreaming about it.

The Bouises are the proud owners and operators of the Pizza Pi, a specially equipped yacht that contains everything they need to make and sell pizzas at sea in the Virgin Islands.

According to an interview Tara Bouis did with, Pizza Pi is currently docked in an area called Christmas Cove. Tara described it as "Magical ... The water is clear enough to make out individual blades of sea grass on the bottom in 16 feet of water where we like to anchor. During the day, the bay is full of green sea turtles who are so tame that snorkelers can swim alongside them. And the sunsets are spectacular!"

Yeah, OK. Sold. So how do we make this the view from our office?

So how did the couple make their pizza dreams come true? With a lot of passion and hard work (duh). They both individually left their old jobs to move to the Islands full-time. Tara taught scuba diving and Sasha taught sailing at the same company, where they first met. Adorably, the two fell in love after pretending to be a couple so that they could get jobs as a captain/chef team -- an arrangement that Tara said is common in the yachting industry.)

After spending about five years working as a charter couple on yachts, the pair decided to take their "Living the Dream" game up to the next level by making good on their idea to construct Pizza Pi. It took the Bouises two and half years of grueling labor to complete their dream project. The couple worked doggedly to remodel a standard yacht so that it would also work as a functioning pizza kitchen.

All of their hard work has finally amounted to some well-deserved chill time. With their boat constructed, they're successfully slinging pizzas like the special "Bloomin' Onion," which was served last spring and had a lemon aioli sauce, mozzarella and blue cheese. (Did we mention that Tara trained as a pizza chef in New York City?)

Tara says people frequently email her and tell her that they wish they could leave their desk job and do something like what she and Sasha did. Her advice? "So do it! My philosophy is that the universe will give back whatever you put into it."

We could definitely be into the universe giving us this sunset every night.