Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

These Teens Literally Chased Away The WBC Protesters Hating On Their Trans Homecoming Queen


In September, 17-year-old Landon Patterson made history at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri when she was crowned the school's first-ever transgender homecoming queen.

Alas, this touching moment caught the attention of the Westboro Baptist Church, who have a habit of tainting all things treasured. Last week, the group, who has protested several funerals, including those of the children slain at Sandy Hook, came to Oak Park High to protest Patterson's victory.

They weren't met with open arms, to say the very least.

Nearly 200 students joined together to let the WBC know that their hate wasn't welcomed. Some carried posters that read "Love Wins," "God Loves Trans Teens," and "Westboro Baptist Church Needs Jesus." As they chanted "Long live the queen," they followed the WBC members into a van, cheering as it drove away.

"This isn't just about supporting Landon, this is about supporting all our students," Christina Palermo, a student organizer, told KCUR. "Landon is just their scapegoat. They're attacking everyone in the LGBT community."

Patterson took to Twitter to comment on the ordeal, quoting Taylor Swift:

Well said.

MTV News has reached out to Landon Patterson for comment.