How Much Does The Average Passerby Know About White People?

'Broke A$$ Game Show' just found out.

What do mayonnaise, golf and organic farmer’s markets have in common? WHITE PEOPLE.

During tonight's episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show," hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff wanted to give civilians the chance to turn knowledge about caucasian culture into cold, hard cash. So the boys hit the streets for a game called "White People Do That" and quizzed passersby on exactly what they knew about, well, white people.

"I just wanna see if y'all have knowledge on white folk," explained Gaines. "So for everything you know or you get right about what white people do, I'll give you $20."

A group of friends accepted the comedian's challenge and, after a quick huddle, got down to business. First up: "Do white people FaceTime their pets?" LOL.

Check out the gut-busting clip below to see the answers for yourself -- and catch more hijinx on the next "Broke A$$ Game Show," Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.