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13 Different Reactions To Justin Bieber's Nude Photos

From politely pleased to definitely disgusted.

I was in the middle of a Barnes & Noble when a friend texted me Justin Bieber's nude photo.

Sitting silently amid others, waiting for a book reading to begin, my boyfriend pleaded in hushed tones: "Put that away!!" I stared a little longer. I wondered who took the photos, where he was, why he was naked. Bieber was on vacation in Bora Bora and someone just boated up to his lil' cabana and snapped pictures of him without him knowing. Or maybe he did know?

Either way, it was an infringement of his privacy. And now here I was, in Barnes & Noble zooming in on the eggplant emoji while I hovered over my phone like a pervert. A man started to snooze softly next to me.

I wondered what everyone else thought about this, so, naturally, I went to Twitter, and the fact that everyone was talking about his privates without his consent made me feel like a major... dick. Here's what people were saying:

  1. Initial reaction: shock
  2. Literally, me ⬇️
  3. Many found the pics impressive
  4. Others didn't
  5. Which some people thought was contradictory
  6. Then came the puns
  7. Very enjoyable
  8. Some were grossed out
  9. Some people started pointing out the sexist difference with how he talk about guy nude leaks vs. girl nude leaks
  10. Now come the conspiracy theories
  11. And another conspiracy
  12. When it comes down to it, we have no business looking at these pics
  13. So let's leave him alone