Netflix And Chill Condoms Are A Real Thing And Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

'Netflix and chill is one D away from Netflix and child.'

Kori Williams is concerned that the rise in Neflix and chill sessions is gonna lead to the next baby boom. After all, nobody actually watches the movie, like, ever. ?

"Netflix and chill is one D away from Netflix and child," Williams, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, joked in an email to MTV News.

She's not wrong. That's what condoms are for. She decided to take to this standard contraceptive to the next level, though, by creating condoms specifically for Netflix and chilling. Behold:

It costs $9.99 for a four-pack of these condoms, which aren't officially affiliated with Netflix. You can buy them here and they'll "even include a note if you wish" with your shipment. (Maybe you can send them to your crush with an invite to watch "Friends" re-runs at your place? #subtle)

All jokes aside, these Netflix and chill condoms are FDA-approved to protect against pregnancy and STDs. They're just one of many ways to practice safe sex.

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