Emma Stone's Crazy Eyes Are Next Level In Will Butler's 'Anna' Music Video

The Arcade Fire member released his newest Policy video, set on a ship.

Emma Stone lets loose on a ship in Will Butler's "Anna" music video, released late Wednesday night.

The Arcade Fire member enlisted the actress to bust out dance moves by choreographer Ryan Heffington (known for Sia's and Florence + The Machine's videos), who also makes an appearance as a sailor. She shuffles her way with grace from starboard to port (I got that right, I think) to the dining hall and the ballroom, dancing her heart out.

The best part is either when she grabs money from randos and rubs it all over hear face or when she's swinging around with the other sailors, crazy eyes in full effect.

Watch the video below:

"Anna" is the second single off Butler's Policy, released in March. Coincidentally, Stone's on-again-off-again boyfriend Andrew Garfield starred in Arcade Fire's "We Exist" music video in 2013.