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Jeb Bush Calling His Brother George For Campaign Advice Is Hilarious

'Now that was charmin'.'

Jeb Bush's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has been clouded by Donald Trump's very attention-grabbing Trumpness, sure, but his own seemingly debilitating case of foot-in-mouth disease has been the most crippling folly of all.

See, Jeb's become something of a gaffe machine during his GOP campaign process -- from using the phrase "anchor babies" to describe children of immigrants, and backhanding Planned Parenthood by saying we don't "need a half a billion dollars for women's health programs." Womp.

His big brother George, a.k.a. President No. 43, was also known to lose track of his spoken "strategery" once in a while, but with him, the reaction was always some chuckled variation of "Oh, Dubyah." With Jeb, though, it comes off as completely mean-spirited and the responses are equally harsh.

So "Funny or Die" decided to have Jeb call up the elder Bush Brother* and have a chat about how to handle saying "a bunch of dumb stuff."

*Obviously, this is just for funzies and not a real conversation, but you already knew that, right?

Naturally, George had a lot to say on the matter, but it all basically boils down to the fact that he knows how to effectively insert a gee-golly giggle when necessary, and he's just a cooler guy in the eyes of the public.

But don't expect him to pop back into the limelight and speak out on the campaign trail just yet.

"I'm not ready for a comeback," FauxGeorge explained. "Right now, the world's too focused on the '90s. When the 2000s nostalgia brings back MySpace, 'Mean Girls' or the Pussycat Dolls, that's when I'll be back." We'll be ready.