How Many Hidden Symbols Can You Spot In This 'Mockingjay - Part 2' Poster?

We count eight.

The poster game for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" has always been at career levels of awesome. But the latest design is so amazing that if it were a tribute, it'd be picking out new furniture for its inevitable move to Victors' Village about five minutes after the Reaping. (Or better yet, researching how to get rid of the blood and rose stench from President Snow's crib because DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL.)

The folks at WIRED revealed a new IMAX poster for "Mockingjay - Part 2" on Wednesday (Oct. 7), and in addition to all the pretty and eerie imagery housed in the newest Katniss Everdeen portrait, there's also symbolism for days.

1. Obviously, there's the eye rose: That's clearly a very literal wink to the fact that Katniss has President Snow in her sights. And her expression says she's not afraid of all his arena-ish muttation and minefield traps, either.

2. There's also the fact that the rose is white and dripping blood: This references Snow and his nasty habit of pinning roses on things -- dual decorations and threats -- and the fact that he's such a sicko that he's genetically modified his roses to make them smell like blood.

3. Katniss' lips are bright red: Usually, it's Snow who sports a red lip around the Capitol (a product of his self-poisoning routine so that he can be immune if/when someone tries to spike his drink), but this time, it's the Mockingjay who's out for blood.

4. The Mockingjay with wings spread wide: She's emerged finally and fully, citizens.

5. The Peacekeepers: Like the mindless drones they are, these Capitol tools are ready to fight back against the revolution.

6. Katniss' red suit: The Mockingjay can't be expected to conform with her contemporaries, now can she?

7. The actual Mockingjay symbol: Stamped in blood red on one of the Snow roses. He's totally marked.

8. Two wilted roses: With blood spatters, no less. They look kinda sad, so we suspect these might represent a couple of our soon-to-be-former friends from the series. CRY.

Did we miss anything? Hit the comments and fill in the blanks!

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2″ hits theaters Nov. 20, 2015.