We Put Rick's Beard On Basically The Entire 'Walking Dead' Cast

Beards for all!

The cast of "The Walking Dead" weathered many terrible losses during Season 6, but there's one loss, above all the others, that we're still not over.

via bedbugsbiting.tumblr.com

Rick's beard, we miss you. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH.

But unlike other beloved friends who've been lost to the zombie apocalypse, Rick's beard could still return -- and not even necessarily on Rick's face, either.

Any one of the surviving members of the Grimes gang could take up the mantle of beardedness, and bring back the beard for Season 7. It's really just a matter of whom! So, we decided to see which of eight likely candidates would look best with that manly growth.

Spoiler alert: It's everyone.

  • For Abraham, it would just be a question of adding to what he's already got.
  • Eugene is definitely improved by a beard. Now his mullet looks TOUGH.
  • On Glenn, this amount of scruff is unheard of. And yet, it kind of works!
  • You didn't think Michonne could look more hardcore than she does already, but obviously, you were wrong.
  • Carol looks downright natural with a facebush.
  • And so does Carl, although that 'stache might put a crimp in his pudding-eating game.
  • Also, Judith. Because why not.
  • And if none of the core cast members want to follow in Rick's bearded footsteps, this zombie officially volunteers to rock the look. He's DELIGHTED.