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17 'Pretty Little Liars' Moves That You Should NEVER Do On Halloween

The PLLs are great at teaching us what NOT to do on All Hallow's Eve.

We've learned quite a few positive message from the ladies of "Pretty Little Liars" over the years -- like how to avoid being killed against all odds, for example, and how to style our hair in interesting ways. But one thing we should never, ever look to Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) for is Halloween advice. Gorgeous costumes aside, these ladies suck at not nearly getting killed each and every All Hallow's Eve.

So below, some valuable things we learned not to do from the PLLs. Like never...

  1. Go on a train.

    Someone ALWAYS ends up in a coffin.

  2. Let anyone in to the party who is wearing a baby mask.
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  3. ... Or any mask, really.

    At the very least, instate a rule where every masked being has to take it off and reveal their name before the event. You'll have less A-related confusion that way.

  4. Wander through a haunted house alone.
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  5. Wander through a graveyard alone.


  6. Wander through a train alone.

    This goes with #1, but still needs to be reiterated.

  7. Wear the same costume as your nemesis.

    ... Because you never really know if said nemesis is a masked killer on the low.

  8. See someone in a WWII gas mask and not INSTANTLY call the authorities.

    They're a creep every single time.

  9. Terrify innocent children.

    Come on, Ali.

  10. Appropriate other cultures with your costume.
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    Or at least think very carefully about why you're wearing this before you do. We'll give Emily a pass, this time.

  11. Receive a clearly violent threat and tell no one about it.

    This happens all the time on "Pretty Little Liars," but extra care should be taken on All Hallow's Eve, ladies.

  12. Follow a sign for drinks that leads straight to the woods.
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    Why would the "killer drinks" be in the woods, guys. Come on.

  13. Follow your shadiest friend into a clearly haunted house.
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  14. Punk your friends by making them think you're being murdered.

    Poor Baby Head could have been stabbed!

  15. Leave your drink unattended.
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    This works for every night, but especially for when you're on a murder train on Halloween.

  16. Invite a strange child into your home.

    If she looks like a ghost and talks like a ghost, she's a ghost. Period.

  17. Invite Adam Lambert anywhere.

    Bad stuff always seems to happen when Lambert is around.