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We Gave Zedd This Little Quiz And He Showed Us His True Colors

Is he really a color expert?

When Zedd released his album True Colors, he took an innovative approach, having each song represent a color.

He then brought that to his stage performance, creating a unique experience for his fans while out on tour and turning each song into a "different world."

"When I was thinking about what production to build, I decided to do something that was as flexible as possible," he told us. "Because I didn’t want to have that one thing that is signature, that I’m stuck with it.”

With so much experience with the use of color, we figured Zedd would be an expert on all things -- which is why we wanted to test his skills. We sat down with the EDM producer and gave him a color quiz.

So, watch the video and find out if Zedd can guess which one of his collaborators has an always-changing hairstyle, what he looks like when he's feeling blue and how he ended up embarrassing me for the rest of my life.