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This Is Why We Can't Hardly Wait For 'Walking Dead' To Return

Someone get Mike Dexter on this show next, please and thanks.

Did you hear the good news? "The Walking Dead" is gaining some new faces this season, many of them familiar to fans of the comics, many of them completely unknown to all of us, and one of them deeply familiar for anyone who grew up in love with Amanda Beckett.

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That's right: Ethan Embry of "Can't Hardly Wait" fame is joining up with Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians for season six of "Walking Dead." He's set to play Carter, a character created for the show, meaning there's no telling whether he's going to get in Rick's way or become his new BFF.

In either event, one thing's for sure: the impending arrival of the erstwhile Preston Meyers is just one more reason we can't hardly wait for "The Walking Dead" to come back on Sunday night.

Here are a few others:

  1. Another Alexandria dinner party
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    But don't drink the beer. The beer's gone bad.

  2. More Daryl Dixon Spaghetti Monster face
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    Ain't no party like a pasta party.

  3. A brand new Carol's cookie recipe
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    Think she'll sign my copy of her cook book?

  4. Some kind of badass bathroom action scene
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    Use your imagination.

  5. Glenn and Maggie, young and in love
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    Proving that romance can exist in a cruel world, Preston and Amanda style.

  6. For Father Gabriel to meet an angel
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    It's what he wants, it's what his "friends" want... it's what EVERYBODY wants.

  7. Perhaps the return of Bicycle Girl?
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  8. For the Wolves and the walkers to make nice
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    Yeah nope. The opposite, actually.

  9. Endless amounts of things and stuff
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    Just the way Rick likes it.