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Biggest-Ever Release Will Set 6,000 Drug Offenders Free Early

Also: Craigslist car deal goes really bad, model sues Bill Cosby over alleged assault.

Many Of The Inmates Were Already Close To Release

In an effort to ease overcrowding in U.S. prisons and help inmates who were given long sentences in low-level drug cases, the federal Bureau of Prisons told CNN that they will release about 6,000 inmates starting later this month. The largest release in the Bureau's history was precipitated by the retroactive lowering of maximum sentences for lower-level, non-violent drug offenders announced by the U.S. Sentencing Commission last year, which reduced the sentences of eligible inmates by about two years. On Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton said the crime bill he signed while in office -- which included the federal "three strikes" provision and mandated life sentences for criminals convicted of a violent felony after two priors -- "made the problem worse."

Craigslist Deal Goes WAY Wrong

A father and son in Battle Creek, Mich., were involved in a gun fight on Tuesday night after traveling to Urbandale for what they thought was a meeting to buy a car. When the two showed up at the address posted on a Craigslist ad, they were jumped by three men who tried to rob them. The son, who was carrying a licensed, concealed revolver, fired two shots and all three men fled, with two suffering gunshot wounds to the chest.

Model Sues Cosby For Over Alleged Playboy Mansion Assault

The model who is at the center of a criminal investigation by L.A. County prosecutors into allegations of a 2008 sexual assault by disgraced comedian Bill Cosby filed a civil lawsuit against him on Tuesday. The suit filed by Chloe Goins, 25, names the 40 other women who alleged they were sexually assaulted, molested or drugged by Cosby over decades. It does not state how old Goins was at the time, with her attorney only saying she was a teenager when the alleged incident took place.

Quick Take 1: You've seen how this movie ends already. NASA's two-part plan to save the planet from certain doom, the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment project, will involve putting a satellite into orbit around an asteroid to collect data and, yes, launching a spacecraft in 2022 that will slam into it and... see what happens.

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Daily Pic 1: Yoko Ono gathered thousands of New Yorkers in Central Park on Tuesday to make a giant peace sign to mark what would have been her late husband John Lennon's 75th birthday.

Daily Pic 2: The World Beard & Mustache Championships just wrapped up in Leogang, Austria an, wow, just wow.

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