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The Cutest Dogs Recreated Famous Taylor Swift, Rick Ross And Pharrell Magazine Covers

And who doesn't love dogs?

You know how everything is being recreated with Disney princesses these days? Well, someone recently decided to recreate magazine covers, but instead of princesses, they went with adorable dogs as their go-to models.

In an ad campaign that might make DMX proud, Polish ad agency Ostrosiostro recreated Taylor Swift, Rick Ross and Pharrell Williams mag covers with shelter dogs.

Pawel Cichon, one of the designers behind the project, said the campaign's meant to change perspectives.

"Fashion and celebrities define beauty. We wanted to take a little bit of that and change people’s perspective on shelter animals," Cichon told BuzzFeed. "We were sick of charity campaigns which showed shelter dogs sad and miserable. It is visually appealing and beautiful so you won’t scroll it and forget about it like in a normal charity campaign."

Yeah, you probably won't be forgetting these pups anytime soon. Now for those cool cover remakes:

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