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'Legends Of Gaming': Jovenshire And More Are In A New Gaming Show, And It Looks Awesome

Your favorite YouTube stars are taking gaming to the next level.

What do you get when you combine YouTube superstars with some of the world's best professional gamers? "Legends of Gaming," a new show hosted by YouTube superstar Toby Turner. The new series, which is a competition show that focuses on four-gamer play, also features mega-tubers like The Syndicate Project, runJDrun and -- hailing from Youtube behemoths SMOSH -- Jovenshire.

"I never claimed to be the best, or even good for that matter, but I've been playing video games my entire life, and now I'm lucky enough to do it for a living," Jovenshire told MTV News about working on the show. "Seeing the others play showed me what a real professional gamer looks like."

In "Legends of Gaming," fans of the sport can expect a show that is a little, uh, more colorful than your average gaming competition.

"We aren’t your everyday gamers. So by tuning in, fans get to see their favorite personalities in the same room playing games and yelling together," Jovenshire continued.

Check out the show's premiere today (Oct. 7) on the SMASHER channel, and check out an exclusive trailer here: