Exclusive: Get A Sneak Peek At Nickelodeon's Halloween Flick 'Liar Liar Vampire'

And learn how to become a vampire!

Chances are, at some point this Halloween season, you'll come across someone dressed up like a vampire. Or maybe you'll even decide to cosplay as one for the night. But what if you were mistaken for one every single day?

That's exactly what happens in Nickelodeon's upcoming Halloween TV movie "Liar Liar Vampire," about a high school student who pretends to be a real life vampire.

Here's what goes down. When 17-year-old Davis Pell (played by "Every Witch Way" star Rahart Adams) transfers to a different school, the super popular Caitlyn Crip mistakes him for a vampire. I mean, that's a common mistake, right? Davis then turns to his new neighbor Vi (Brec Bassinger from Nick's "Bella and the Bulldogs") to help him transform into his supernatural persona and take over the school.

So what kind of training goes into making people believe you're a vampire? Well, it's not as easy as it looks. We've got an exclusive clip from the movie that shows Vi getting Davis vampire-ready, which includes getting the right hairstyle and clothes, some color-changing eye contacts and, of course, a killer set of fangs.

To see how it all goes down, make sure you tune in to "Liar Liar Vampire" Monday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon.