Katniss Enters The Arena In This Intense New 'Mockingjay' Trailer

She marches to the beat of a fierce drum.

Prepare to get some major goosebumps, "Hunger Games" fans. A new trailer for the final installment in the franchise, "Mockingjay - Part 2," has hit the web, and it is intense.

After a tearjerker opening in which Katniss observes the happiness of Finnick and Annie's wedding from afar, she then dances with lil sis Prim and tells her she loves her (as that "For Prim" trailer from a few weeks back that we're still weeping over reminded us). From there, it's all terrifyingly intense drumbeats and the tension dial turned all the way up to 11.

Katniss is seen decked out in her finest Mockingjay garb -- sidebraid, smoldering smokey eye and all -- marching through a crowd in the Capitol. We have a creeping suspicion that this is from one of the final sequences of the film, and we can't wait to find out if we're right.

In between, we're shown flashes of the other key players in "Mockingjay": Tigris is there, Peeta (looking very worried), Gale, Effie (more subdued and icy-blue than usual), Coin and more. Like we said: chills.

Check out the trailer above.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" hits theaters November 20.