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3 Apps Can Turn A Coloring Book Drawing Into A Moving 3D Image

How cool are these apps?

The future is now! Disney is developing a coloring book that, when combined with an iPad app, turns your two-dimensional drawings into three dimensions in real time.

Although Disney's futuristic coloring book is still in development, this technology already exists. Crayola's Color Alive and Quiver's 3D coloring app let you first color an image, then transfer it to the third dimension and play games with your masterpieces.

So how do these apps work? Using augmented reality, all three apps transfer your colors to a pre-made 3D image that can move, dance and more. The app created by Disney Research will also allow you to see a 3D image of your masterpiece while you still color it -- and once you're done, the character you created will automatically be colored all over.

Once Disney's app is developed, it'll no doubt include movie favorites like Elsa, Merida, Genie and other Disney icons, so we can't wait to see what the House of Mouse comes up with.

See a thorough explanation of Disney's technology below.

H/T Pixable