Will Neil Patrick Harris Check In To 'American Horror Story: Hotel?'

The "Best Time Ever" star also discusses what's up tonight on his new variety show.

After much anticipation, Neil Patrick Harris made his shocking "American Horror Story" debut on "Freak Show" as Chester, a traveling salesman-slash-illusionist who joined the freaks with his sadistic ~imaginary~ dummy, Marjorie.

The image of Chester deflowering Dot and Bette while Marjorie watches isn't one we'll soon forget, and neither will NPH. "Chester was a creep!" Harris told MTV News when we caught up with him on the set of his NBC variety show "Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris."

A longtime fan of "American Horror Story," Harris said that while he'll be watching "Hotel" with the rest of us, he probably won't be checking into the Cortez any time soon -- but it's not for lack of effort on his part.

"I love 'American Horror Story,' every episode, so much so that I asked to be a part of it," Harris said. "I think Ryan Murphy's dance card is quite full this season. I reached out to no response, so either there's no vacancy now or something has gone terribly wrong."


"But I'm awfully busy doing my own dog and pony show," NPH added, noting that with his show "Best Time Ever" currently in production, the producer-host has got no time for twisted sex scenes right now.

"Best Time Ever" mixes A-list stars with special segments, pranks and prizes. In other words, it's a recipe for viral stunts and awesomeness. For a veteran host like Harris, "Best Time Ever" checks the "formality" and "nervousness" associated with star-studded award shows at the door. Instead, "Best Time Ever" is kinda like a party from start to finish -- a party where celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Tyler Perry get caught doing something totally embarrassing.

"It's a different energy," he told MTV News. "The audience is coming to be a part of the show, to participate in this party that we're throwing every week. They're coming here to see me, win some prizes, have a laugh and dance around. It's fun."

Adapted from a long-running British variety show, "Best Time Ever" has had to make a few adjustments for American audiences. "We're spending more time on fewer elements," Harris said. "That's been the trickiest thing, finding our own American flow... which sounds gross."

"I think the sense of humor level in the U.K. is a little more cheeky," he added. "As much as I love me some Benny Hill -- I do -- I'm not super into sight gags."

Despite his moratorium on sight gags, we promise this is the only show on television in which NPH will help you facilitate your engagement. "That was my first," he said. "I'm glad she said yes. Otherwise, I'd blame myself."

Next up is Shaquille O'Neal, who takes center stage as the celebrity Guest Announcer in tonight's episode, alongside a few of NPH's other famous friends like Zachary Levi and Gloria Estefan, who will lead a rousing round of "Singalong Live" this week.

Of course, there is one thing you won't find on NPH's "Best Time Ever." "I don't do any comedy that's at anyone's expense," Harris said. "I want people to have a good time on this show. I have zero interest in making someone uncomfortable."

With that rule firmly in place, "Best Time Ever" certainly lives up to its name.