Hot Dudes In Beds / Instagram

The ‘Hot Dudes In Bed’ Instagram Has A Very Narrow Definition Of What ‘Hot’ Is

Let's help broaden it a little bit.

Themed Instagram accounts are one of the great gifts of the 21st century. From Tom Hardy Holding Dogs to New Fork City to Cash Cats, there is something for just about everyone.

Hot Dudes in Beds is yet another Insta we're all for, but we noticed something about it when we looked through every single picture on its feed (you know, uh, for research.) See if you can figure the similarities yourself from a 10 photo sampling:

Did you notice the common thread?

They're all gorgeous, yes. They're all brunettes, too, except for this guy, a dirty blond and a dyed blond, who technically has brown hair. And finally, they're all white. Save for this gorgeous brown dude:

This is all, perhaps, a momentary oversight ... that the HDIB Instagram account made 98 times. ?

MTV News is here to help broaden the definition of “hot dudes in bed." Here are 10 more hot guys, just chillin’ in the sheets:

It's raining men -- thank you, internet, for blessing us with this storm.