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Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Acting Debut In The Vamps’ ‘Wake Up’ Video

The model shows off his parkour and pyrotechnic skills in the adrenaline-pumping new vid.

Judging by his recent smoldering Miss Vogue cover, Brooklyn Beckham has quite the bright modeling career ahead of him. But if that somehow falls by the wayside, we now know that David and Victoria’s eldest can add “music video star” and “stunt man” to his list of potential new gigs.

That info comes to us via British band The Vamps’ new music video for “Wake Up,” a rollicking, anthemic tune that boasts an equally adrenaline-pumping vid. Brooklyn appears in the vid of the leader of a Vamps revolution, shooting V-shaped fireworks into the sky and performing some impressive stunt work.

But Brooklyn doesn’t get to have ALL the fun. The band — Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Connor Ball — also get to perform on top of a super tall transmission tower, overlooking a very nifty view.

“This video was something we had never done before; we performed on top of a radio tower, 100 feet in the air,” the guys said. “It was pretty scary, but absolutely awesome. We were lucky enough to have Brooklyn Beckham in the video, he’s a super nice guy and crazy talented.”

Check out all the revolutionary action go down here:

“Wake Up” is the first single from The Vamps’ sophomore album of the same name, out Nov. 27.