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James Franco Is Officially A Man Now, Thanks To Seth Rogen

James got a real, legit bar mitzvah.

At age 37, James Franco is finally a man. And it’s all thanks to Seth Rogen.

In July, Rogen announced plans to throw his buddy a bar mitzvah bash as part of his fourth Hilarity for Charity, a variety show that raises money for Alzheimer’s research. The event — which also features headliner Miley Cyrus — doesn’t go down until Oct. 17, but Rogen has now revealed that Franco’s already been “bar mitzvahed.”

“The Rabbi wouldn’t do it on the actual event, so he did it last night at our friend’s house and we filmed it and we’ll show it at our fundraiser,” Rogen explained to Vulture at the “Steve Jobs” premiere on Saturday night (Oct. 3). “He really got bar mitzvahed!”

Actual footage from the bar mitzvah will hopefully find its way to the internet after premiering at Hilarity for Charity, but Franco’s already given us a sneak peek. He took to Instagram to share a snap from the ceremony, and — we have to say — it definitely looks legit, as he appears to be reading from a Torah scroll and donning traditional Jewish garb.

“✨I am now a MAN!✨ Got Bar Mitzvahed tonight!!!❤️ Finally!” he proudly captioned the pic.

But it looks like Rogen still has more antics up his sleeve — he also told Vulture that’s he’s scheming to throw a star-studded hora, a traditional Jewish circle dance.

“I’m trying to organize a hora, specifically with some Jewish, uh, pop singers,” Rogen said. “If there’s any singer who’s Jewish, we’re getting them in there. Lisa Loeb. I think Haim is Jewish, I’m not sure. But yeah, we’ll find them.”

Mazel Tov, James!