The 9 Biggest Developments On The Mid-Season Premiere Of 'Finding Carter'

David did WHAT?

Now THAT'S too close for comfort.

Lori returned to the Wilsons' lives with a vengeance on tonight's mid-season premiere of "Finding Carter": Not only did she move riiiight into town with her son Ben, but she showed up at Carter and Taylor's school in all her crazy-lady glory to enroll him there.

But that wasn't even the episode's most disturbing interesting moment. Here are the top nine developments from the latest "FC":

  1. David secretly meets with Lori.

    Desperate for answers, Mr. Wilson knocked on Lori's door and asked why the hell she abducted Carter if she had Ben all along. "I didn't have him," she revealed. "They took him away -- I was mentally ill. I had no one." Well, yeah, Lori -- that's always good reason to commit felony kidnapping.

  2. Gabe circles the drain.

    So how's the G-man doing since losing his dad? "He's been drinking himself into oblivion for weeks, and he's been spending his dad's insurance money like it's not going to run out," Taylor said. The proof: body shots and a new sports car. Can anyone say "intervention"?

  3. The case of the disappearing Ofe is solved.

    Speaking of interventions... When Ofe failed to make the scene at Gabe's bash, we found out why: The part-time pill-pusher is in rehab. And that just proves drug problems plus a broken heart can devastating -- not that we're blaming you or anything, Taylor.

  4. Ben frequently engages in illegal activities.

    Carter's new bro said he was just reclaiming his old clothes when he stole a bunch of stuff from some guy's backyard, but his haul included stacks of cash. Plus Ben runs a fake ID operation so fleek that it easily got him, Carter and Bird right into the Magic Hour bar. Our verdict? Shady as charged.

  5. Lori's writing a book.

    After getting a call from his publisher, David learned Ms. Stevens was penning a novel of her own. And that sound you heard was Elizabeth's head exploding.

  6. Lori's not writing a book.

    Oh wait, false alarm: Before long, the kidnapping mom backed out of her publishing deal. "I wonder what changed her mind," said Mr. Wilson, blissfully unaware that his wife had recently visited Lori and threatened to rip her a new a-hole ruin her life if she wrote the book.

  7. David bonds with Ben.

    When Mr. Wilson was formally introduced to his surprise offspring, a father/son bonding session followed. "I'm here for you now," David declared. And don't worry about Grant feeling left out: As long as Ben plays Batman: Arkham Knight, he's cool with it.

  8. David secretly meets with Lori again.

    Worried that his one-time paramour will have no way of supporting Ben, David knocked on Lori's door yet again -- and this time, handed her a check for $10,000. Yeah, we were shocked too -- but not as shocked as Elizabeth, who was watching outside from her car. #busted

  9. Carter schools Crash, gets new job under false pretenses.

    When Crash decided that Ben was bad news -- and admonished him for that high-speed getaway -- Carter wasn't too pleased. "I don't need you to take care of me," she told him. And perhaps to prove her independence, she marched right back to Magic Hour and got a job there -- using her brand-new, Ben-created fake ID. Ruh-roh.

Do you think Crash has reason to be wary of Ben? Can Lori really be trusted to not write her book? And what do you think will become of Gabe? Head to the comments and tell us your thoughts, then be sure to watch "FC" Tuesday at 10/9c!