'Are You The One?' Issues: Did Kiki Break Girl Code By Pursuing Chuck?

Hannah sure seems to think so!

After last week's jaw-dropping “Are You The One?blackout, a few coulda-been couples have been finding it tough to move on when it comes to matters of the heart. (Honestly, if this show had been called “Are You NOT The One?” these guys and gals would have had it in the bag.)

Now $250,000 lighter, many cast members are more desperate than ever to find their perfect match, yet some seem hell bent on ruining the cash prize for all -- and Hannah could be one of ’em. When Chuck clearly went after Kiki during the tire challenge on tonight’s ep, Keeks took note -- feet first into a hot tub with the flaxen-haired Hawaiian. “I just feel like we would definitely complement each other,” Kiki said -- and Chuck didn’t exactly disagree.

Unfortch for everyone, Kiki’s bold move was immediately noticed by Hannah -- the same Hannah who had herself (and practically us) convinced that Chuck was her one and only. Confrontation time: While Kiki claimed that she was merely playing the game, Hannah said she crossed a line. “Now I’m hurt, and I don’t trust you anymore," she declared. Yeouch.

But did Kiki really break girl code? Should she have come to Hannah first before exploring her feelings for Chuck? Or is the Truth Booth triple threat right to play the game and try for her fair share of less than a million dollars? Comment with your thoughts, and be sure to keep watching "AYTO" Wednesdays at 10/9c!