9 'Fear The Walking Dead' Questions We're Asking After That Action-Packed Finale

Following the season one finale, 'The Good Man,' we're wondering about the future of 'Fear.'

With one squeeze of the trigger, "Fear the Walking Dead" has crawled to a close, and everything has changed forever moving into season two.

Travis Manawa has finally come to grips with the way of the new world. That lesson comes at the expense of someone important in his life. Meanwhile, everyone in the Clark-Manawa family will find themselves uprooted and in entirely new waters, literally, come season two, based on how season one ended.

We have tons of questions rolling around in our heads after the season one finale, beginning with a question that applies to all six episodes...

  1. Did "Fear the Walking Dead" prove itself?

    Let's start with the big, broad question. There was a lot of skepticism surrounding the show when it was first announced. Why on Earth do we need a "Walking Dead" spinoff, especially one without anyone from the Rick Grimes side of the aisle? Well, after six episodes, "Fear" feels like it's justified its existence, with an up close and personal examination of the end of the world, starring people who are deeply relatable and flawed — people we have come to know and root for.

    Speaking personally, I'm more invested in the "Fear" cast than I ever expected, even after the pilot episode. Let's see what a 13-episode season two brings. For now, onto some nitty gritty season one leftovers…

  2. Did we have to lose Exner?

    It's bad enough that Liza died. (More on that in a second.) But we had to lose the only other doctor from the show, too? Sandrine Holt is a fantastic actress who brought a steely calm to the proceedings over these past three episodes. She would have been a valuable addition to this universe moving forward, not just for the characters themselves, but for the greater tone and feel of the show. Disappointing.

  3. Did we have to lose Liza?

    Well, when you're bit, you're bit. No coming back from that. But did we absolutely have to lose the character in the finale? Liza was one of the more well-developed players in this world, willing to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. She was well on her way toward Carol status. It feels like we lost her too soon, but then again…

  4. What will a broken Travis look like?

    Madison and Liza had a spoken agreement that they would kill each other if they ever turned, to spare Travis the weight of pulling the trigger. "It would break him," Madison says. Well, consider him broken, now that Travis killed his own ex-wife. All season long, Travis struggled with the new world order of the zombie apocalypse. Is he finally ready to move with the way of things? Was this his Rick Grimes moment? Of all the characters in season two, he should be one of the most interesting to watch — second only to one.

  5. How great is Strand?

    SO GREAT. Very happy he's still alive. Not quite sure why he's hanging onto Nick and his family — Strand is a closer and a bunch of these people seem like buyers, but maybe he feels he has use for some sheeple. Either way, Strand remains in the mix, and this is fantastic news for so many reasons, not the least of which is the impending wardrobe change.

  6. Will everyone wear fancy clothes next season?

    Since the whole cast is stuck at Strand's house right now, one imagines he has enough Armani suits, at least for the gentlemen. Could this be the sexiest group of zombie killers ever? At the very least, get Nick out of that ridiculous jacket, please.

  7. Where to next?

    The world is Clark-Manawa's oyster, and they're the pearl adrift at sea. Now that they're aboard the Abigail, they can go anywhere they want. Will they ride the coast up north? Will they head south toward Mexico? Will they book it for Hawaii? The "Lost" island, perhaps? The possibilities for "Fear" are pretty much endless, and that's exciting news indeed.

  8. How will the plane crash factor into season two?

    See above for the first episode of "Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462." It's a new ongoing web series that will culminate in a new character arriving just in time for the next round of "Fear." Who will the lucky passenger be? And how will that person collide with the Clark-Manawa gang? At least we still have a little bit of "Fear" to tide us over in the coming weeks.

  9. Finally…

    When are we seeing Tobias again? Clearly he's been sleeping aboard the Abigail for the past several weeks, right? Right.