Amber Rose Gets Emotional About Slut Shaming During Her SlutWalk

She's using her pain to inspire others.

Slut shaming can be horrifically emotional, and during her inaugural SlutWalk yesterday in L.A., Amber Rose wasn't afraid to let her emotions show, tearing up as she spoke about her own experiences with sexual double standards and having been publicly shamed.

During the speech, Rose addresses the "30 showers" comment made by Kanye West and how hurt she was by the "love of her life," Wiz Khalifa, when he wrote her into one of his songs. "That was extremely hurtful," she said, and then she broke down.

The crowd rallied around her, cheering and chanting her name as she struggled through. Her mom even came on stage and handed her a tissue.

But her emotion brings her strength – the strength to organize an event to dismantle traditional gender stereotypes and support other women who have felt shamed for their sexuality. And the strength to forgive Kanye and Wiz and encourage other women to forgive as well.

"I suggest that you guys to the same," she said of forgiving her shamers, "and I'll tell you why. Because they're ignorant at times. People are ignorant, and you have to be the bigger person and be the positive person. To forgive and move on and help other people around you who have been through the same thing."

Preach, Amber.

She also shared stories of experiencing slut shaming at as young as 14 years old! Watch the whole video below: