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Haim Dreams Up A Wishlist For An All-Female Tour, Including Taylor Swift (Obviously)

Lilith Fair 2k15. Make it happen.

Remember Lilith Fair? In the 1990s, the female-centric touring music festival was a veritable powerhouse of mega pop and folk acts like Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Tracy Chapman and dozens of others.

Sounds like a good idea even today, doesn't it? The Haim sisters think so, too. At a panel at The New Yorker Festival this weekend, Vulture reports, bassist Este said, "We talk about this all the time, how there aren’t enough female-represented bands and artists at festivals. You don’t see them. And it’s really sad for us. We came up with the idea basically of why can’t we just bring back a festival that’s just ladies. Not that we don’t love the boys. Love the men."

So, who would Este want on the bill for a Lilith-type festival in 2015?

  • Obviously. Haim and Tay's history of being besties dates back pretty far, and they've already toured together (opening for Tay on her mammoth 1989 World Tour). It's a natural fit.

  • The two acts paired up for a killer performance of Lilith pioneer Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough" for a VH1 concert in 2013, so we could totally see this translating to the main stage of a big tour.

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    Haim opened for Flo back in 2012 and tweeted admiration about the band's newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, earlier this year. A perfect match.

  • Chvrches are having a good year, with the release of their second LP, Every Open Eye, and singer Lauren Mayberry's continued demolition of sexist trolls. A slot at the new Lilith Fair would be a nice way to ride out 2015.

  • The ex-Rilo Kiley frontwoman teamed up with Haim to perform "Girl On Girl" earlier this year at Coachella. Why not add in all the above musicians and make it a proper festival already?